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  • I was doing it because i just had a desire to help people. I was not sure it will turn out this way!
    But we are making a lot of profit nowadays.
    Do not ever be afraid to start what you want.

    A.M & M.A 
    founders of Macro Shops

  • I am so happy to find Macro Shops. It is a life changing platform for those who are in to arts and handmade.
    It helped me to get on my feet.

    Eweje Emmanuel Gbenga

  • Working for macroshops.com has been a privilege. A store full of committed individuals encompassed with ideas challenging me each day to think outside the box. This store is the next big thing.

    Odukoya Ayodeji 
    Business Strategist @ Macro Shops

  • Getting to display on Macro Shops has given me the opportunity to dare to dream big and better. It made me value what I do, and now, I am beginning to see it beyond a passion and am ready to take it to the next level. It has also given me the opportunity to hone my skills and innate talent. Now i am starting to see what I do in another light. Thank you so much for this great privilege.

    Ruth Inioluwa Akinnola 
    CEO/GMD Petalous Stitches